15 Super Delicious Keto Mexican Food You Must Try


Although it sounds difficult to eat Mexican food when you are on the keto diet (because

tortillas, beans, and rice are high-carb), it is still possible. You can find keto Mexican food when you know what to choose. The good news is the cuisine is keto-friendly with a long list of options from salad to its drinks.

In this article, we will talk about how the keto diet impacts your choice and what to choose to help you stay on track.

How Does Keto Diet Impact Your Choice Of Mexican Food?

The keto diet is limiting the carb intake which is less than 50 grams per day. This will enable your body to reach a ketosis state. Besides, it requires you to increase the fat intake which means consuming animal products and fats will be higher, for example, coconut and avocado.

Then, how do you stay on track when you are on a keto diet?

Note that some Mexican foods are high in carbs, so avoid chips, tortillas, rice, and beans. Stick with meats, sour cream, and cheeses.

You can be less militant about carbs when you have been doing keto for a while and your body has adjusted. But if you have just started, watch your carbs intake in your diet. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach the ketosis stage.

Mexican food can be high in fat but it is also high in carbs. Many Mexican foods include corn, tortillas, tortillas chips, potatoes beans, rice, and anything sweet. You can keep your intake of queso, salsa, or guacamole in a small amount.

Keto Mexican Food Sides You Can Try

It is difficult to resist Mexican food. It is flavourful and nutritious. Luckily, it is keto-friendly. Here are low-carb keto Mexican foods you can try when you are on a keto diet.


Fajitas are a popular Mexican dish that consists of bell pepper, onion, shrimp, beef, and chicken. Typically, fajitas are served with tortillas, but you can skip it to keep it low carb. You can cook fajita in small portions or split it into two meals because the onion can add up the carbs very quickly.

Carne Asada

Carne asada is one of the most delicious dishes. It is a marinated, grilled steak. The steak is keto-friendly, but the marinade may add some amount of carbs.

It is a staple dish in many Mexican restaurants. Even you can buy it raw or ready-to-grill from the Mexican market.


Ceviche origin is from Peru, but it is commonly available in Mexican restaurants. It is made of raw or precooked seafood such as shrimp or fish that is brined in citrus juice and then mixed with herbs and veggies such as jalapeno, cilantro, onion, and tomatoes. All of these ingredients are keto-friendly.


Guacamalo is a popular dip, made of smashed avocado. It is suitable for people who are on a keto diet because of its richness in fat and fiber as well as its low carbs.

The guacamole contains a small amount of jalapeno, onion, lime juice, cilantro, and tomato. Even though you should avoid chips, it still tastes nice.


For pork lovers, then Carnitas is a perfect choice. It is a shredded slow-cooked pork, usually pork shoulders. What makes carnitas delicious is its fat that melts during cooking so it is coating and flavoring the meat. It is an excellent choice for the ones who are on the keto diet.

Camarones A La Diabla

Do you like a spicy shrimp dish? Then try camarones a la diabla! It is a staple dish at many Mexican restaurants. The dish uses a sauce that is made of various chiles. Sometimes it can be from tomatoes. However, it is a low-carb dish.

Al Pastor Pork

Another choice you can pick is the Al pastor pork which is made of marinated pork shoulder that is thinly sliced. Typically, the al pastor pork is eaten with tortillas. Since you are on a keto diet, you can skip it and opt for salad as the side dish.


Chorizo can also be an alternative if you don’t like al pastor pork. It is basically Mexican sausage which is made of pork or beef. You can get this delicious sausage raw or dried. This is the best dish as all types of chorizo are keto-friendly. And most importantly, it is flavorful.


“Queso” is the Spanish term for “cheese”. In use, Queso is known as the cheese dip. Most queso is low in carbs, but some might have a certain amount because of milk or thickeners. It is important to check the ingredients and labels so you can make the low-carb version.

The best way to enjoy queso is with pork rinds or homemade tortilla chips (low-carb).


This is another popular dip made of jalapeno, onion, tomatoes, and cilantro. It contains a small amount of carbs from tomatoes and onion. But don’t worry, it is just a small portion. This will not sabotage your diet.


Nothing beats the richness of birria. This goat meat comes with a strong flavor because it is seasoned with chiles, spices, and herbs. Besides goat meat, you can also make birria from beef.

In the past, birria is also traditional Mexican food that contains salsa, cilantro, and onions. Don’t worry, the birria soup is also keto-friendly. It is perfect to eat on cold days.

Tacos With Corn Tortillas

Being on a keto diet doesn’t make you avoid all the good things in Mexican cuisine, including tortillas. Mexican food isn’t complete without it.

You can make substitute with corn tortillas instead of traditional one which has fewer carbs compared to regular tortillas.

When you make careful planning, you still can enjoy a few tacos. Of course, it should be limited!

Taco Salad

So, taco salad is probably the healthiest option. If you want to play safe, pick taco salad for your meal.

Generally, taco salad contains lettuce, sour cream, cheese, tomato, guacamole, and others.

Usually, taco salad is served with tortilla chips or fried taco shells and sometimes with a layer of refried beans. To stay on track, you can forego the shells and refried beans.

Huevos A La Mexicana

Huevos a la Mexicana is a simple dish made of scrambled eggs cooked with diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos.

Eating huevos a la Mexicana doesn’t need tortillas or tortilla chips. Therefore, this dish has lower carbs, perfect for breakfast.

Pico de gallo

Another dip alternative to try is the pico de gallo. It is a dip type and a condiment made of chopped onion, tomato, and cilantro. When you eat pico de gallo in small quantities, you don’t need to worry about carbs. It is tasty because it adds more flavor to rich dishes.

Try Food Swaps And Make Some Modification

keto mexican food

If you like to make some Mexican food at home, you can try some tips below:

  • Make some modifications to your seasoning blends instead of buying ones. Fajita seasoning packets and premade tacos mostly contain unnecessary carbs. You can make your own by combining garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, cumin, and also cayenne pepper.
  • Pick the low-carb tortillas! Who says you cannot enjoy burritos and tacos when you are on a keto diet? With the low-carb tortillas, you can limit the carb intake while still being able to enjoy the greatness of Mexican food.
  • Try black soybeans or cauliflower rice as alternatives to black beans and rice. Besides, the best thing about black soybeans is rich in fiber.

If you go to a Mexican restaurant, you probably want to follow this trick to avoid the temptation of eating too much carbs.

  • Ask them to not bring chips to the table. Chips are high in carbs which can ruin your diet.
  • Skip tortillas when ordering fajitas. Fajitas are still one of the ideal keto meals as long as you forego the tortillas.
  • Opt for a high protein dish such as meat as your entree to keep your carbs stay low.
  • Choose guacamole and salad to replace refried beans and rice. It is best to avoid starchy food as it is loaded with high amounts of carbs.


What Is The Healthiest Mexican Food To Eat?

It is difficult to resist Mexican cuisine. All of them are delicious! However, many of these entrees are made with salt, lard, and oil. Besides, most of them come with sour cream and cheese. No wonder you get more than a day’s worth of calories in just a single meal.

However, it doesn’t mean that Mexican food is unhealthy! Many options are healthier, nutritious, and even keto-friendly. If you skip the starchy components, then you are good to go. Dishes like burrito bowls, soup, ceviche, and fajitas are the best choices. These dishes are refreshing and very nutritious.

What Makes Mexican Food So Healthy?

The key ingredients of Mexican food are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and green limes. These components are packed with vitamins and minerals which help you strengthen the immune system. Also, a lot of Mexican food contains beans and corn which are rich in soluble fiber. This keeps you feeling full and also moves to the digestive tract quickly. Many Mexican dishes contain essential ingredients such as jalapenos and avocados.

What Is A Typical Diet In Mexico?

Mexican cuisines are popular with fresh ingredients and rich seasoning. Besides, its notable components to most Mexican dishes consist of onions, lettuce, green lime, and tomatoes, making them nutritious and flavorful. If you want an amazing dish, look for fresh ingredients and combine them with white cheese and roasted pork. Don’t forget to add herbs as garnishes such as epazote, cilantro, and parsley.

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