Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and I’ve answered!

Hi, I would love to receive your recipe for my blog. Just send me an email with your name and your recipe at for publishing your recipe on my blog.

No, I am just a hungry brat and try things for my tummy each and every day. I am also struggling with weight loss issues so I try to make my recipes healthy and body friendly. I put them on my blog so people who are struggling like me can get benefit from it. 

Everything that I have posted is my favourite, that’s the reason it is on my blog! But most importantly all the recipes which support weight loss are my super favourite, because I am a fat person and I love to see people working so hard to get in shape including myself.

It is simple! If you can cook food, just write everything down and post it on your website. I have several resources who helped me build this site Cook Every Food, and I will love to share the details with you. If you want to start blogging and don’t know where to start from, just drop me a message.

I am not accepting comments on my blog at the moment, and I don’t see it coming any time sooner. I will send you a newsletter if I start accepting comments. 

Yes, I have a dedicated category for weight loss recipes. All of my weight loss recipes are tried and tested. Before trying out any weight loss recipe I would recommend you to go through your medical status so you might not end up getting yourself sick, weak or un-healthy. 

Yes I am happy to promote products and brands that I like on Cook Every Food. If you are a brand and want to promote your products, please fill out the form on our contact us page, someone from my side will get back to you.

Yes you can. These recipes are not my own made recipes, but I have tried them all. I would recommend you to do the same, first try out a recipe and then post it on your blog. 

Like I said, I am struggling with weight loss issues, I try to make new recipes almost everyday. Mostly I try weight loss recipes for all cuisines, including Chinese, American, Italian and Mexican. I always try to avoid ready made food, fast food and junk food, so that’s why I cook and if I find something super yummy, easy and quick I post it on my blog. 

You can simply go for its substitute with almost same flavour and nutrition value. For example, if you cannot find chicken you can add tofu for same purposes. 

Like I said I am not a professional cook, I am a self taught cook who cooks food just for myself. So I don’t want to add anything exaggerated to my blog.

Yes absolutely, you can either contact me through our website’s contact page or you can simply send me an email through

Yes I do, but I make sure that every recipe is tried and healthy. Sometimes I even try it out myself. 

No, I don’t. I post twice a week and I try to keep my recipes simple and easy.

It is simple, just send me an email at  or contact me through my contact page about the recipe you didn’t like. I take my reader’s feedback very seriously and if I get more than 3 negative reviews on any of my recipe I immediately remove it from my blog. 

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