Welcome to Cook Every Food 

Food is an emotion, a treat to pamper ourselves

We at Cook Every Food do not believe that food is only about meeting the daily calorie goals! Food is an emotion, a treat to pamper ourselves, a reward after a long day, a bonding experience, a partner in our fitness and so much more. Think of it, has any important moment of your life gone without food? No, right? We thought if that’s how important food is for all of us then why not jazz it up with new recipes that can be enjoyed by all? So, here’s presenting to you  Cook Every Food. However your health is as important as your diet. In this blog you will find loads of health tips and guides to live a better and happy lifestyle by eating your favourite food and staying healthy parallely .

Our aim at Cook Every Food is to make cooking easy and fun for everyone yet staying healthy, be it a 15-year old novice or a 60-year old chef. We started a small dream in a small kitchen and it’s our dear desire to share our love for food with readers all over the world.😋 Where they can enjoy healthy food with loads of health benefits. Whether you’re planning to surprise your partner with a romantic home-cooked meal, whip up something quick for dinner post work or make an extravagant dinner for your kid’s birthday, we have recipes for every important moment of your life which are not just tasty but super healthy. We know you might already see hundreds of cooking videos online but we also know that you have never tried 80% of what you see, and we also know why, because many people make cooking so glamorous that it is hard to imagine making them in your regular kitchen with regular ingredients. This creates a wall between untrained cooks and a world of delicious recipes. At Cook Every Food, we try to bring down this wall and make healthy recipes accessible to all; without asking you to invest in any fancy equipment. Breaking barriers all across the world, we want to make sure that whether you live in a closet apartment in NYC, a condo in LA, or a shared flat in Boston, our recipes work for you. We are a team of dedicated health professionals and wellness enthusiasts who are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and spreading knowledge about all things related to health and wellness. Our goal is to provide our readers with the most up-to-date, accurate, and evidence-based information to help them make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

We understand that navigating the world of health information can be overwhelming, and our aim is to make it accessible and understandable for everyone. Our blog covers a wide range of topics, from fitness and nutrition to mental health and alternative therapies. Our team of experts continuously research the latest health trends and developments to ensure that our readers have access to the most current information. In addition to our articles and blog posts, we also offer a variety of resources, including recipes, workout plans, and interactive tools, to help our readers take an active role in their health journey. We believe that everyone has the potential to live a healthy, happy life and our mission is to empower and inspire our readers to make positive changes in their lives.


Who Can Use Our Resipes?

Our recipes are for everyone, and that means EVERYONE! But we want to share all our details with you, so here’s some more information on what you can expect from our blog:

1. Quick Meals

Surely, you’ve been in situations where you wanted to prepare something quick but delicious, perhaps when you were late for work in the morning or tired post work in the evening. No matter what your reason is, rest assured that you’ll always find something easy and quick to make on our blog. Our tailor-made recipes require no special ingredient or appliance. All you’ll need is a little time and patience to enjoy a lip-smacking, homemade meal in under 30 minutes.

2. Fitness-friendly Recipes

Are you finally ready to take the big leap and transform your life? Then we are ready to help you on your fitness journey. Whether you want to drop a few pounds and get in shape or tone your muscles, we have recipes for every fitness goal. On top of that, we also offer healthy snack recipes so that you can satiate your inner cravings without budging from your fitness goals. Enjoy 100% healthy snacks without compromising on taste at Cook Every Food.

3. Vegan Recipes 

Don’t want to use any animal products in your recipes? We respect that! We know it must be frustrating to see all the good-looking recipes made by the non-vegetarian population. That’s why we decided to make your vegan lifestyle a little more interesting with recipes like no other. Starting from heart-filling breakfasts to the best snacks and desserts, we have everything you’ll need to make your meals taste like a gourmet vegan meal.

4. Snack Recipes

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner aren’t where the trouble lies. It’s almost always those quick snacks in between that has us scratching our heads. You need something tasty to satisfy your cravings but at the same time, you need it to be quick and easy. Phew, that’s a task, no? After all, these sudden cravings need instant attention and you can’t spend an hour cooking the perfect meal just to have the cravings fade away. That’s why we at Cook Every Food offer a bunch of tasty snack ideas every month. Why let fast-food joints devour you of your money and health when you can make better snacks at home!

5. Packed Lunch Recipes 

Are you running late in the morning and want something fresh and homemade packed for your lunch at the office? We have the perfect recipes for you!  Quick and easy recipes that are budget-friendly, easy to make, and keep you full till the end of the day so that you can focus on your work better instead of fretting about what you will be eating or lunch.  If you’re trying to eat healthy, you can also use our fitness-friendly recipes for packed lunches. We’re sure you’ll zero in on something from the endless options that we provide to meet your dietary preferences. 

6. Special Recipes 

Not every meal is a quick fix. Sometimes, you really want to go the extra mile and prepare an extravagant meal. Like for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or an anniversary! We’ll help you create the perfect menu for such occasions. Browse through our countless recipes for elaborate dishes to make your special days even more special with delicious food.